Where to Stay in New York City

Where to Stay in New York City

You will find that most of your budget will be spent on accommodation in New York, as it is the second most expensive city for visitors to spend the night.

Best Places to Stay in NYC 

Times Square is our number one spot to find accommodation. Alternative areas include Central Park or the Empire State surroundings, although these are quieter areas and don’t offer the bustling atmosphere Times Square provides.

If you don’t want to spend as much on lodging, you can find cheaper options in Brooklyn and Queens and get to Manhattan every day on public transport, although it will take approximately half an hour to get to the center. If you decide to look into Brooklyn or Queens, we recommend booking a hotel with a Subway station close by to save as much time as possible.

Hotels in New York City

You can find the best deals on our hotel search engine. Most hotels now offer the option of paying once you arrive in New York City and in most cases you can cancel your reservation just 24 hours in advance.

Visitors can save up to 30% on accommodation by booking hotels that offer advance payment. This “non-refundable” option is ideal for those that have already booked their flights and know the exact days they will be staying in the Big Apple.

For all hotels travelers will have to add 14.75% in taxes to the price they are given, and sometimes a small fee for room per night (approximately US$3).

Apartments in New York City

A popular option nowadays is to book an apartment instead of a hotel, especially useful for longer stays. With our search engine you will be able to compare and contrast this type of accommodation to find the best deals available.

Hostels in New York City

If you’re traveling with a group of friends, the best and cheapest option is to book a hostel. The price per night will be approximately US$20, plus 14,75% taxes, plus US$3 (small fee for room per night).

You can find great deals on the following website: Hostelworld