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Boroughs of New York City

To learn a little more about The Big City; it is essential to discover its five boroughs:


New York is composed of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.

Each borough is part of five of New York's counties:  Manhattan is part of the County of New York, Brooklyn is part of the County of Kings, Queens (County of Queens), the Bronx is part of the Bronx County and Staten Island (Richmond County). Until 1898, when these counties were joined, the city of New York was only formed by Manhattan.

Although each borough has a president, their role is very limited since the management is highly centralized by the Mayor of New York. So as not to focus attention on Manhattan in politics they often refer to New York as "The Five Boroughs".

  • Manhattan Manhattan is the main borough and the most visited part of New York. For most people Manhattan is synonym of NYC.
  • Brooklyn With a population of over 2,600,000, Brooklyn is the most populated borough of New York. Woody Allen and Mike Tyson are just a few of those born here.
  • Queens Since the twenty-first century, Queens is a borough that is quickly growing and is becoming an attractive spot for tourists thanks to its museums and art galleries.
  • Bronx The Bronx is undoubtedly the most controversial and conflictive borough of New York. Learn more about this borough and how and when to visit it.
  • Staten Island Unknown to many, Staten Island is the least populated borough. This island offers more colonial buildings than any other part of New York.