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The New York City Police Museum

In an old police station, the New York City Police Museum covers the NYPD’s history, the world’s most famous police.


New York City Police Museum, medals
Medals and awards

New York City Police Museum
New York City Police Museum

The museum’s third floor has the most memorable exhibition dedicated to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In the display cabinets you’ll see some of the items used during that day, for example, melted weapons of the officers killed in the attacks. A collection of photographs and videos that describe the hell lived by those who witnessed the fall of the Twin Towers, among other things. 

On the second floor there is a vast collection of weapons next to a panel with the terrible stories of the criminals they belonged to. Moreover, on the first floor, you can see how the New York Police has changed since 1600 until the present day with the vehicles used in each period and their different uniforms.

Entertaining but nonessential

The New York Police Museum is entertaining and fun, but a nonessential visit if you’re visiting New York for a few days, as there are a vast number of other attractions that are a lot more interesting and worthwhile.  

Currently closed 

The museum is currently closed and under repairs, and for the moment there is no opening date. 


45 Wall St.

When to visit

Currently closed.


Currently closed.


Subway: Wall Street, lines 2 and 3; Whitehall St., line R.
Bus: lines M9 and M15.


The New York City Police Museum, location map

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