General Information on New York City

General Information on New York City

Plan your trip to New York once you have read about the city, its history, cultural events, top sites, boroughs and neighborhoods. 

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Electricity, plugs and sockets

The power plug used in the States is Type A; an ungrounded plug with two flat parallel prongs. If the sockets are different in your country, you can buy an adapter in any hardware store before your visit or once in New York City.

The electric voltage in the U.S. is 120V. Currently, most appliances are compatible with up to 220V. However, we recommend checking the voltage of the appliance before plugging it in.

Current local time

The time zone in New York is EST (Eastern Standard Time) UTC/GMT -5 hours (in Summer GMT -4). In other words, New York is 3 hours ahead of San Francisco, 1 hour ahead of Chicago, 5 hours behind the United Kingdom, and 16 hours behind Sydney.   

Opening hours

Clothing stores are most commonly open from 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, shops are normally open from 11 am to 5 pm.

Certain shops and supermarkets are open longer hours. You will also find delis open 24/7.

Helpful telephone numbers

  • Emergency number: 911.
  • Non-emergency municipal services: 311.
  • United States Country code: 1.
  • Manhattan Area code: 212.
  • Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx Area code: 718.

Boroughs of New York City


Manhattan is New York’s most famous borough. In fact, most people believe Manhattan to be a synonym of New York.


Brooklyn, which is seperated from Manhattan by the East River, is probably the second most famous district of New York after Manhattan.


Queens is the largest and fastest developing borough of The City. Discover what to see and do in this multi-cultural district and learn the best ways to visit it.

The Bronx

During the twentieth century, the Bronx was known for its gang activities. In recent years, the county has shifted 180º. Discover its top attractions.

Staten Island

Staten Island is located in the southernmost part of New York City and is the lesser-known borough. Find out about its top attractions.

Manhattan Neighborhoods


Situated in Lower Manhattan, Chinatown is a lively neighborhood home to the largest Chinese population in the Americas. Find out about its streets and more.

Little Italy

Although Littly Italy is on the brink of extinction, this once unique neighborhood was where the first Italian immigrants settled once they arrived in New York.

Lower East Side

Lower East Side still preserves the essence of the multicultural origins of New York. Find out its most important streets, neighborhoods and sights.


SoHo, acronym for South Houston, is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Manhattan and New York City. Discover SoHo’s top attractions.


Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro are among the most famous inhabitants of Tribeca, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York.