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Day-trips from New York

New York City is relatively close to other major destinations that can be visited during a day or for a weekend. These day-trips are only worth doing if you’re in New York for over five days.

Top day-trips near NYC

  • Washington D.C. Washington is the United States Federal Capital and the most popular visit from New York City. The city houses numerous museums and monuments that are worth seeing such as The White House and the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Cataratas del NiágaraNiagara Falls
    Situated on the international borders of Canada and United States, these three waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural sights in the world.
  • Filadelfia Philadelphia is the country’s fifth biggest city and historically one of the most important. The declaration of independence was signed here.
  • Atlantic City Known as the Las Vegas of the East Coast, Atlantic City is famous for its casinos and night life and is only two hours away from New York City.
  • Comunidad Amish en Lancaster In Lancaster, you’ll find the second largest community of Amish, a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships.

How to book these day-trips?

Except if you want to go by car or want to go at your leisure, you can book these day-trips on our website and many other excursions with an English-speaking tour guide. For example, the day trip to Washington only costs $140.