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Besides being the most populous borough with 2,600,000 inhabitants, Brooklyn is probably the second most famous district of New York after Manhattan.

Situación de Brooklyn en Nueva York
Location of Brooklyn in New York

Manhattan skyline, Brooklyn Heights
Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Heights

Barbra Streisand, Eddy Murphy, Cyndi Lauper, Jennifer Connelly and Woody Allen are just some of the celebrities born in Brooklyn, not to mention, athletes such as Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson.

Brooklyn’s top attractions

  • Brooklyn Heights: This area is located just under Brooklyn Bridge. This historic district is where famous celebrities like Truman Capote lived. We recommend visiting the adjacent streets to Henry Street and walking along the East River, where you will be able to enjoy the most breath-taking views of Manhattan.
  • Prospect Park: This park is wilder than Central Park and is a favourite spot for many New Yorkers. It is the second largest park in New York.
  • Brooklyn Museum of Art: It is the second largest museum in New York and holds important African, Egyptian and Central and South American art collections. 

In the southernmost part of Brooklyn you can also visit the famous beach and amusement park in Coney Island.

How to get to Brooklyn

The most enjoyable way to get to Brooklyn is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan. To get to Prospect Park or Coney Island the best option is to take the Subway.

Other boroughs of New York City

  • Manhattan Manhattan is the main borough and the most visited part of New York. For most people Manhattan is synonym of NYC.
  • Queens Since the twenty-first century, Queens is a borough that is quickly growing and becoming an attractive spot for tourists thanks to its museums and art galleries.
  • Bronx The Bronx is undoubtedly the most controversial and conflictive borough of New York. Learn more about this borough and how and when to visit it.
  • Staten Island Unknown to many, Staten Island is the least populated borough. This island offers more colonial buildings than any other part of New York.