Traveling to New York with a Disability

Traveling to New York with a Disability

The United States is one of the most committed countries with people with disabilities and New York, as a first class tourist destination, is a city well prepared for physically challenged people.

Here is the review of a person who has visited New York in a wheelchair:

Arrival in New York

  • The airports of New York have people who help and assist you until you leave the airport. They will help you with the luggage and to pass the security control.
  • The airports are completely accessible and have information points that will assist you with anything you need.
  • Transport from the airport to the city center is also accessible with a wheel chair.

City transport

  • The Subway is quite old and not well prepared. Few stations are suitably accessible (only about 20%).
  • The New York City buses have wheelchair ramps.
  • In New York there are lots of taxi cabs with rear ramps. If you ask for a taxi or request one at your hotel, they can specifically ask for one with a rear ramp. 
  • The ferries to the Statue of Liberty or to Staten Island are quite accessible, though you will probably need help to climb the ramp. Tour boats also fulfill the necessary conditions.
  • The vast majority of the sidewalks have ramps and nobody parks on the corners of the streets, so it is easy to get around.
  • If you need more time to cross a street, people understand and respect you while you cross.

Visiting New York


Approximately 70% of hotels in New York are adapted for disabled people. When looking for accommodation online, don’t forget to tick the space for “Handicap-accessible" and that way you will find a hotel perfectly adapted for your needs. 

As you can see, having reduced mobility should not be a problem when visiting New York.