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Gospel Church in New York City

You’ll find museums and theatres in all cities, but will you find a Gospel Mass? It is certainly not the most usual of activities, but definitely one we highly recommend. Choirs, music and dancing are some of the best ingredients you’ll find in a Gospel Church.

Where and when?

Gospel Mass
The church we recommend for a Gospel Mass

Gospel Mass in Harlem
Gospel Mass in Harlem

Although you can find Baptist Churches in all of Harlem, one of the most famous churches and one we were lucky to attend is the Antioch Baptist Church. Here you’ll feel very welcome and it's a great place to enjoy the Gospel experience.

Although there are different masses, we suggest attending the 11 am Mass on Sunday. 

What to wear and where to sit?

It is a good idea to dress conservatively and well (long trousers, shirt, dress, etc) for this type of event in order to respect the worshipers.  It’s a very important event for them and they tend to dress-up, something that you will notice when you walk into the Church.

Tourists are welcome in this temple, but it’s advisable to sit at the back to let the worshippers sit at the front, and also to be able to leave when you like, since the Church Services are over two hours long.


125th Street, number 515.

When to visit

Every Sunday at 11 am.


Free entry. They pass an envelope for donations.


Subway: 125th St. Station, line 1.


Gospel Church in New York City, location map

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