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Neighborhoods of Manhattan

Manhattan is divided into several neighborhoods. These are not officially defined and may change for demographic and economic reasons. If you haven’t had the chance to look up New York’s five different boroughs, we recommend you do, as it includes useful information on what to do and see in each different borough. 

These are Manhattan’s most popular neighborhoods, either due to their current touristic interest or because of their importance in New York’s history.

Top neighborhoods in Manhattan

  • Chinatown Nueva York Initially designed to defend its inhabitants from racism and to protect their rights, Chinatown has become one of the largest neighborhoods in Manhattan and is still growing rapidly.
  • Little Italy Nueva York Present-day Little Italy is found on Mulberry Street. In this area, exclusively for tourists, you’ll find bakeries, bars and Italian restaurants.
  • Lower East Side Lower East Side became known as one of the main destinations for newly arrived immigrants due to the low rents in this area.
  • SoHo Nueva York The SoHo is known for its art galleries, antique dealers, lofts and trendy boutiques.
  • Tribeca Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro are among the most famous inhabitants of Tribeca, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York.

Map of Manhattan's different neighborhoods 

Mapa de los barrios de Manhattan