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Transportation in New York City

New York has a very efficient public transportation system, which will allow you to get to different parts of the city in no time at all.  

The cost of public transport is relatively inexpensive compared to other major cities such as London or Tokyo. Purchasing a transit pass, for example, a 7-Day Unlimited pass, makes getting around NYC by bus or Subway quite affordable. 

New York City transportation system

  • Metro de Nueva York Even though the Subway is a little old, it is still the fastest and most convenient way of getting around The Big City.
  • Autobuses en Nueva York You will be able to get anywhere in NYC by combining the bus network with the Subway. The bus is also the best option for short distances and is a good way of seeing New York’s lively atmosphere. 
  • Taxi en Nueva York Whether you take a taxi from and to the airport or get in a cab to shelter yourself from the rain, this means of transportation will always come in handy at least once during your stay in NYC. 

Transit pass or Travel card

  • MetroCard New York's transit pass, called MetroCard, is essential if you want to take the Subway, and it offers a good way of saving money on transportation.

Car rental

We don't recommend renting a car to get around Manhattan. New York suffers from a lot of traffic jams and public car parks are very expensive. In fact, many tourists that travel up the East Coast leave their cars in the outskirts of Manhattan and use public transportation to get to the city center.

Hiring a car is the best way to get to see the nearby cities, as public transportation for long distances can be more expensive.