Cruises from New York

Cruises from New York

The City of New York has two main cruise terminals. Discover the most popular destinations from the Big Apple, the various cruise companies and how to book at the best prices.

New York City has two cruise terminals, one in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn, the first is located on 12th Avenue, in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen, and the second on Bowne Street, situated in front of the Statue of Liberty.

There is also a third cruise terminal in Jersey, which provides service to New York, called Cape Liberty Cruise Port and is less than 6,2 miles (10 km) from Lower Manhattan.

Visitors can get to the Manhattan terminal by foot or public transport, however we recommed getting a taxi to the Brooklyn and Jersey terminals, especially if you are carrying luggage. 

Top Destinations

The top three cruise destinations from New York City are: The Caribbean (where you can enjoy clear waters and sunshine all year round), New England and Canada (with incredible landscapes in the East Coast and cities like Boston, Quebec or Halifax). Furthermore, you can also travel to Bermudas, (besides the Sargasso Sea’s turquoise waters and its famous triangle myth, Bermuda is a superb shopping destination).

When to Travel?

You can take a cruise all year round. The Caribbean is the top destination during the winter months and Canada and New England in summer, when the weather is more pleasant.

When to Book a Cruise?

Although the cruise ships are sizable, they are quickly booked, so we recommend, if you are interested, in trying one of these cruises to book in advance, especially if you’re traveling with children, as these boats don’t have many multiple cabins.

If you want to take a cruise for Christmas or New Year, you will have to make sure to book it at least six months in advance or more, as this is an extremely popular option for New Yorkers who prefer to spend their holidays away from home and from the cold.

Finding the Best Deals 

If you're interested in booking a cruise from New York to one of its many destinations, we recommend, where you can find the best deals with the best price guarantee.